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Cuisine: Karin Ebner

Former education: I finished the cook apprenticeship in 1976 and started my first season working in Fürberg. In 1

1995 I did advanced training to be a dietary cook, in 2000 further education to be head chef and in 2006 I ended the training to be a nutritionist.

My aim: Natural, well-balanced and healthy cuisine at high high-class level – no use of flavour enhancer, Gluten and glutamate (suitable for allergic people).

Almost throughout the year presented us nature with delicacies;
fresh, colorful and full of nutrients. For healthy diet is the Quality of the food base. Take the best and prepare it for the natural and simple way.
For this we need valuable food and prepare them gently, tasty
and varied to please you with a special taste experience and increased well-being to reward.

We place special emphasis on natural rock salt, high-quality oils, a number of Organic products such as local organic beef, venison from the surrounding grounds and fish from of our own sea fishing. miss we flavor enhancers, finished products and glutamate.

Particular attention is to the natural production of pastries,
Soup garnishes or side dishes, and more. We use herbs from our own Herb garden and spices for our Health make a major contribution.