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Leharvilla Bad Ischl

Immerse yourself in the world of Franz Lehár and visit his villa on the banks of the River Traun. The villa in Bad Ischl Franz Lehár acquired in 1912 by the Duchess of Sabran. Until his death in 1948, he spent almost all summer. The premises of the Lehárvilla have, as far as left as possible, such as Franz Lehár has this time set up and inhabited. He collected a variety of valuable paintings, furniture and memorabilia, so the house - in addition to his personal memorabilia - home to a unique, interesting art collection.



The relations of the Habsburg dynasty Ischl (since 1906 Bad Ischl) date back over 700 years, they were over time to a matter of the heart. Franz Joseph wrote as a 15-year-old crown prince to his mother: "Oh, how I long for the love, love Ischl." That was in 1845 and until the end of his long life did not change this affection. For Ischl it has remained true to this day. What of Vienna "Imperial City" is still, may have museum pieces, but Ischl still celebrates "Emperor's Birthday" on August 18, with all the ceremony and great joy, and his white imperial villa still full of the family life of the Habsburgs.

House and park are inextricably linked to the memory of Empress Elisabeth, Sisi, as she was known in the family. She was one of the greatest beauties of the 19th century and is still as fascinating personality. It was here where her heartbroken husband tranquility sought after in 1898 fell victim to assassination. Here he met with statesmen to diplomatic negotiations at the highest level, he signed here in 1914 declared war on Serbia, from which developed the First World War.


Museum Fahrzeug Technik Luftfahrt

The collection at the Museum provides an overview of the technical development in recent decades in the civil, military and agricultural sectors.

For modeling friends a small but fine selection of carefully assembled and painted vehicle - shown models, which is continuously updated.



The marble manor was the retreat of the Austrian Empress Elisabeth (Sisi) in Bad Ischl - Salzkammergut. In the "castle" withdrew the Empress to write poems to plan their trips and to receive friends. The marble manor remained after the end of the Austro-Hungarian Empire privately owned, as it had been inherited through the emperor's daughter Marie Valerie and her husband, Archduke Franz Salvator of Austria as personal property within the family.

Since 1978. It houses the photographic museum of the federal state of Upper Austria.