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The white fish

Fish out of drink water

Our fish that comes from drinking water

The whitefish one belongs to the family Coregon. The whitefish holds in the spring near the ground and walks in the summer to open water, where they feed exclusively on plankton. She has a small head with relatively large eyes and a small mouth. The tapering end caudal fin is strongly forked. Between dorsal and caudal fins is the radiationless adipose fin. The color of the fish varies from silver-gray and light gray green. The spawning season is in late fall and runs until well into the winter.

For Lake Wolfgang is the Reinanke the most economically important fish. Will be fishing for whitefish with floating and ground networks. One selects the nets the mesh so that the fish has spawned at least once.

In Furberg is the right to fish from the Upper Lake Wolfgang for more than 400 years at the property. It is applied since then without interruption.

For generations, the lake is managed sustainably and introduced a trim on lake trout, whitefish and Arctic charr annually.

Some questions that will be addressed again and again to us:

1) Where does the fish come from?

Whitefish, lake trout, northern pike and lake trout we caught almost daily fresh from the Wolfgangsee, which drinking water quality. Rainbow trout and brook trout are from domestic breeding, which is exclusively fed with spring water.

2.) What did the fish ate?

Whitefish live from plankton in the sea, northern pike and lake trout are predators, the Arctic char takes both plankton and other juveniles. The farmed fish are fed with strictly controlled and equipped with certificate lining.

3.) How fresh is the fish?

Fish from Lake Wolfgang is freshly caught, slaughtered by the lake, except kitchen ready and used the same day. Farmed fish are slaughtered shortly before the preparation and freshness can be guaranteed.

4.) What is the fat content, vitamin content and proportion of trace elements?

In whitefish and lake trout is the fat content of about 5% in char and rainbow trout, pike around 1.5%. Occurring vitamins are A, D, E and B1. Regarding trace elements predominates the amount of potassium and calcium.

5) Why is fish so healthy?

The peculiarity of the fish flesh is the high proportion of protein, and the low proportion of connective tissue. This results in the tender flesh, the ease of digestion and the few calories compared to other meats. Not to be forgotten are the vital amino acids.